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Will my 3.0 codes and files work with FACES 4.0 EDU?
No. The FACES 4.0 EDU does not have the same element database that FACES 3.0 has therefore you will not be able to import your FACES 3.0 composites into FACES 4.0 EDU. In order to successfully import your old composites, you will have to purchase FACES 4.0 for Law Enforcement.

Why can't I use the BAC (Biometric Alphanumeric Code) feature?
Because the FACES 4.0 EDU database does not have the same elements as the FACES 3.0 database, enabling this feature in FACES 4.0 EDU would cause composites to load with incorrect elements. Since the accuracy of this feature is critical in Law Enforcement, enabling this feature in FACES 4.0 EDU would jeopardize the integrity of our software. The BAC code feature is only available in the Law Enforcement edition of FACES 4.0.

Does FACES 4.0 EDU have skin color options?
FACES 4.0 EDU composites are only available in black and white. In part this is because most forensic artists believe that black and white composites are the easiest way to recognize someone because they reduce and neutralize unnatural room lightings and shadings. If you want to darken a composite, the tutorial section of this web site explains how to do modify images using graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop.

Can I export FACES 4.0 EDU composites into other programs?
YES. FACES 4.0 EDU allows you to export composites to the commonly-used JPEG format. You can then use the JPEG in police bulletins or websites, or use graphic design tools to enhance its accuracy.

What are the minimum requirements for FACES 4.0 EDU?
FACES 4.0 EDU can be used on both PC and MAC systems, and can be run from the original CD without installation. Please read the full specifications to make sure that FACES 4.0 EDU will run properly on your system. For PCs you’ll need an Intel Pentium 400 MHZ processor or similar running Windows 98 or better with a minimum of 600 MB free disk space, 64 MB RAM available and a monitor running 16-bit colors at 800x600 resolution. For MACs you’ll need a Power PC processor with MAC OS 8.6 with CarbonLib 1.3.1 or MAC OS X installed with 600 MB free disk space, 64 MB RAM available: a monitor running 16-bit colors at 800x600 resolution is recommended.

Why has a skin tone category been included in FACES 4.0 EDU?
This category allows you to include in the BAC code an indication of the skin tone for reference. The skin tone does not, however, show up on the composite for the reasons above.

Is FACES 4.0 EDU available as an upgrade?
FACES 4.0 EDU is a fully new version of our software. You do not need to have a previous version to load or install.

How do I uninstall FACES 4.0 EDU?
Go to your favorite file explorer program and remove the folder in which FACES has been installed (this folder is usually called FACES). You will also have to remove the shortcuts created in your program folder by simply right clicking on the folder IQ Biometrix and selecting the "Delete" option. Note that the FACES install program does not copy any files such as .dll to your system folder.

What's CarbonLib for Macintosh?
CarbonLib is a Macintosh update that improves the performance and reliability for Carbon-based applications on Mac OS 8.6 and all Mac OS 9 releases, including classic. If you have a Mac OS inferior to version 10.x, you will need to download and install CarbonLib in order to run FACES 4.0 EDU. CarbonLib can be downloaded free of charge from Apple's web site.




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