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Used by thousands of law enforcement professionals worldwide, FACES is recognized as a groundbreaking crime-fighting tool, the most efficient and effective technology of its kind.

If you’d like to share your police department’s experience with FACES, please contact us.

Here are some of the comments we’ve received from FACES users:

“This is just leaps and bounds over anything we’ve had in the past. The FACES program makes a composite look virtually like a photo and it produces a good quality image.”
Detective Hester, Greenfield Police Dept., Ohio

“I have been a law enforcement officer for over 30 years, having worked a variety of assignments which required composite drawings of suspects. For those drawings I utilized a system utilizing individual foils to construct the desired image. A complex, time-consuming process under the best conditions. After becoming familiar with your system, I was so impressed that I showed several officers how to develop a composite drawing using your FACES software. I know that this valuable gift will enhance our efforts in bringing to justice those who are intent on violating the law at the expense of society.”
Byron C. Nelson, Chief of Police, Sequim Police Dept., Sequim, Washington

“…with the addition of this new software it is easy for ALL of our officers to come up with the composites that we will need. Thank you and keep up the great work.”
Randy Munkeby, Chief of Police, Carrington, North Dakota

“Without looking at any manual, I was able to operate the program easily and build a very good composite of myself!”
George Zielinski, Sgt., Troy, Michigan

“It is a very good composite picture tool and the ease of use makes it outstanding for use by all officers.”
Joseph S. Reigle, Chief Deputy Sheriff, Middleburg, Pennsylvania

“You are absolutely correct when you stated that this CD is the most incredible composite software to ever hit the market. Officers in my department are amazed at what it can do.”
Richard E. Bergeron, Jr., Chief of Police, Webster Police Dept., Webster, Massachusetts

“This will be one of our most valuable tools in combating crime. I applaud you and your company’s commitment to fight and prevent crime.”
Chief Richard A. Hicks, Bernville Borough Police Dept., Bernville, Pennsylvania

“The officers have commented that the software is vastly superior to the current program we are using.”
Rick Woodmansee, Lieutenant, City of Irwindale Police Dept., Irwindale, California

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. If a victim comes in and describes a suspect, we go by that and make up a composite. I was impressed with the technology it allows officers.”
Sgt. Bob Kennedy, Waxhaw Police Dept., North Carolina

“It is the most incredible software that I have seen in today’s market.”
Joseph P. Camden, Chief of Police, New Salem Police Dept., New Salem, Massachusetts

“If most of the agencies in the U.S. will use your software, it should promote much better inter-agency communications when dealing with composites.”
Paul W. Boone, Sheriff, Cass County, Linden, Texas


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