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IQ ABC News Special Uses IQ Biometrix Software
In Prime-Time Segment On Sept. 11 Attacks
Composite Pictures of Osama bin Laden Broadcast Nationwide

CUPERTINO, Calif., March 12, 2002 - In a prime-time television special, ABC News on Monday evening created composite pictures of Osama bin Laden using advanced facial comparison software from IQ Biometrix. Inc., (OTC: JVWW.OB), a worldwide provider of facial comparison security software.

In an ABC News Special entitled, "The Hunt for Osama bin Laden," Robert Rios, a retired police department lieutenant officer with IQ Biometrix, showed how the company's FACES software helped intelligence officials easily and quickly produce images of bin Laden in different disguises - including pictures without a beard and dressed in western clothes. (To see a demonstration, visit www.iqbiometrix.com.)

FACES is used by more than 150,000 people around the world and 5,000 military, police and intelligence agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S. military. The software frequently powers the composite images used in the popular TV series, "America's Most Wanted."

"FACES technology has the ability to create amazingly precise composite pictures of individuals, and users can do that in just a few keystrokes," said IQ Biometrix CEO Pierre Cote. "With FACES technology, military and law enforcement officials have a great tool to help them apprehend terrorists and criminals."

IQ Biometrix has established an international identification standard for the transmission of data using composite facial image. FACES, The Ultimate Composite Picture™, transforms the process of identifying individuals by facial comparison into a quick, two-step procedure that can be performed by anyone with access to a computer.

On Feb. 28, IQ Biometrix announced signing a merger agreement with JVWeb Inc., a publicly traded, OTC Bulletin Board stock.

About IQ Biometrix

IQ Biometrix is a worldwide provider of facial comparison and security solutions for law enforcement, government and intelligence agencies. The company's products are utilized by more than 150,000 users worldwide, including 5,000 law enforcement agencies. The company's software helps combat terrorism, fight crime and prevent identity theft through its state-of-the art technology. IQ Biometrix also manages the website of the popular television program, America's Most Wanted. IQ Biometrix has offices in Cupertino and Clovis, California. For more information, call 559-347-6688 or www.iqbiometrix.com.

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