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SocialTech, Intergraph and IQ Biometrix Provide Cost-Effective Solution to Distribute Emergency Information

BAL HARBOR, Fla, March 10, 2003
New antiterrorism emergency alert solution to be based on established law enforcement communication technology

Today at the Strategies for Public Safety Transformation Conference, William Scigliano, chief executive officer of IQ Biometrix and long-time justice agency advisor, announced a new solution to communicate terrorist threats nationwide. The TRAK II solution uses technology from SocialTech Inc., IQ Biometrix Inc. and Intergraph Corporation INGR to provide quick communication and distribution of enhanced video, facial composite images and other critical data. It is built on successful and established TRAK technology already used by more than 1,300 law enforcement agencies in 32 states to distribute investigative data.

The antiterrorism solution provides capabilities to rapidly distribute information, including images critical for investigative efforts. This initial offering addresses a key law enforcement workflow by combining video enhancement, facial composite software and the TRAK II alert system. An emergency agency with a surveillance video of a suspect can now enhance and stabilize the video footage to improve visibility, develop a facial composite of the suspect and send the images and related data to targeted agencies by fax, e-mail, alphanumeric pager or wireless devices.

"The critical need for homeland security is improving information sharing across federal, state and local agencies to mitigate and reduce vulnerability to terrorist attacks. Our solution uses proven law enforcement technologies, enabling us to significantly reduce the time and cost to implement a national alert system," said Scigliano, who has served as a security and technology advisor to the National Association of Attorneys General, the Committee of Western Attorneys General and the Federal, Provincial, Territorial Ministers of Justice (Canada).

"By combining TRAK II with technology such as video analysis and composite imaging, any authority can immediately distribute the best possible visual information to anyone who needs it. The solution improves interagency communication and connects authorities with the public when necessary," said Todd Bower, executive director of SocialTech.

"Our solution is built on mature technologies, which means it's fully implementable today. Because all of our products use open architecture hardware and software, they are highly interoperable and easily integrated with additional technologies," said Gene Grindstaff, chief scientist at Intergraph Solutions Group.

Support for national, state or local alerts

A key advantage of the system announced by Scigliano is its scaleable architecture. TRAK II can be used to distribute alerts in any kind of emergency situation, from national terrorist warnings to natural and industrial disasters to wanted persons cases. Because TRAK technology is already operational in more than 30 states, it provides a proven, established and highly cost-effective framework to communicate critical investigative, intelligence or public safety information at all levels.

A number of law enforcement agencies have already expressed interest in a solution that will allow them to more quickly identify and apprehend criminal suspects. "Typically, it could take hours or days to analyze captured video, create a facial composite and then send out all points bulletins. The capability to enhance video, develop composite images and distribute them from a single system will significantly speed the process," said Det. Sgt. Chris Palfy of the Somerset County, N.J., Prosecutor's Office.

Proven technology

The national emergency alert solution builds on proven technologies developed by SocialTech, IQ Biometrix and Intergraph. TRAK II is a powerful system that allows users to capture images and distribute alerts over a secure communications network to a customizable, preloaded list of agency contacts. The FACES LE(TM) composite image solution includes software and training to enable law enforcement personnel to quickly and effectively create and distribute photo-quality suspect images. Video Analyst(R) System is a powerful video enhancement workstation with tools to capture, enhance, analyze and edit nearly any type of video. TRAK, FACES and Video Analyst System have been individually featured or demonstrated on television's "America's Most Wanted" series.

Other partnerships are being explored to further extend the capability of TRAK II. These include integration of instant imaging systems from LightSurf Technologies Inc. that can enable visual information to be transmitted to mobile phones and PDAs in a matter of seconds.

SocialTech Background Information

As a nonprofit organization, SocialTech's role is to integrate the resources of the public, private and philanthropic sectors into a unified effort to build safer communities for all citizens by placing TRAK systems in every law enforcement agency across the United States. For more information on SocialTech and TRAK, call 1-800-724-8725 or visit http://socialtech.trak.org.

IQ Biometrix Background Information

IQ Biometrix Inc. (IQBM.OB) provides law enforcement and security technology solutions for government and private industry. Our innovative California-based company is a leading provider of facial composite technology for law enforcement agencies in North America. FACES is currently used by thousands of policing agencies worldwide, including the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

For more information on IQ Biometrix, contact us at http://www.iqbiometrix.com/company_contact_us.html.

Intergraph Background Information

Intergraph Solutions Group, a division of Intergraph Corporation INGR, is a systems integration and management consulting company that provides leading-edge business and technical solutions to a diverse portfolio of government and commercial clients. Backed by more than 30 years of technology innovation, ISG partners with clients to help them achieve their vision, mission and goals through intelligent deployment of best practices and information technology. ISG is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, and has strategically positioned offices nationwide.

For more information about Intergraph Solutions Group, please call 1-800-747-2232 or visit http://www.intergraph.com/solutions.

Contact Information:
Intergraph Solutions Group
Kerry Fehrenbach, 256/730-7842
SocialTech Inc.
Todd Bower, 650/344-7104
IQ Biometrix Inc.
Liz Matheson, 408/621-1251

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